Waving to My Foreign Ceiling and Walls

Waving to My Foreign Ceiling and Walls

Nayeon Yang at Mana Contemporary (July 25-27)


Through “Waving to My Foreign Ceiling and Walls” Nayeon Yang invites you in her practice in seeing. Yang attempts to interweave interior monologue with the architecture of a space to narrate the invisible presence of boundaries. Yang layers live feed video projections as they are cast on across the floor, ceiling, walls, and the various surface of the HCL studio.

Yang is also developing a semi-fictional narrative about immigrant women workers under neoliberal global economy for the project, based on personal experiences and conducted by research in the visibility of laborers and its relationship with society.

Upcoming Exhibitions and Events

Upcoming Exhibitions and Events

Oct 17 - Nov. 20 @ Mythtake Museum

WAGE: Marcela Torres & Nayeon Yang

WAGE: Marcela Torres & Nayeon Yang

January 25th – February 24th, 2019

WAGE is a film set for a dystopian drama about a futuristic state of neoliberalism and its absurdist effect on the humanities and its practitioners. Or rather WAGE is an art exhibition where contemporary artists Yang and Torres have artwork in a gallery together. The protagonists, Yang and Torres, question if they are the protagonist and what is entailed in the position? They contemplate the art market, cyclical violent human history and their own role as disposable labor related to their non-white, female status. Yang and Torres seem to be stuck within the juxtaposition of making artwork about social change, yet operating within a hegemonic structure that eats up their effort and turns it into a cute trend.

Yang will present a series of immersive, yet occasionally hard to find installations that employ video, statistics about U.S labor politics, site-specific photo and objects that have been sites of routine unnecessary work. Yang asks, have you ever laughed so hard til you cried? Or cried so hard it became laughter?

Torres counters with a series of fraught text installations, sound objects based on martial arts training objects and performance documentation. These projects compare the psychological and emotional weight of contemporary poverty to mindsets during wartimes, to uncover the labor of survival. Projects center on inherent shadiem that creates these permanent war zones in U.S cities.

Here are a list of alternative titles for this film, exhibition, documentary, or Art 21 episode.

Unpaid Internship, MFA required

EBT Links is my patron

Minimal Wage

So cheap! It’s only for $7.25

24/7 Open

the game we play or the game we got played by

Priced Out

Yang and Torres work for money