As working in a historic industrial site of Ziker Dry Cleaners in South Bend, IN, I try to bring the existing space, which includes the building itself, other artworks, and the people in the building, into view. In The Thickness of The Now* is composed of suspended mirrors, and 3 projections of 2 live-feed videos and a video of a text describing a group photo of 38 people who worked here in 1930. Reflecting surround views of the space, the suspended mirrors slowly spin. Those reflections randomly cast back and forth among neighboring mirrors. Simultaneously the mirrors throw projections back as they spin. As a result, these fragmented views of the space orbit through various surfaces of the space, fusing different perspectives, presence, and times together. Through this project, I invite an audience to become agents to see, to show, and to reflect the presence of the space. *The title is from Karen Barad’s lecture.

In the Thickness of the Now

Site-specific 3-Channel live-feed video installation: 61 suspended mirrors, 3 projections of 2 live-feed videos and a 16’ 19” video of a text describing a picture of 38 employees at Ziker Dry cleaner in 1930.
34ft x 29ft x 13ft

Photo documentation by Jacob Titus and Nayeon Yang

Video documentation by Nayeon Yang