Birdsell Projects

In a pitch-dark space, there are 3 aisles made of plastic draperies. A life-size mirror is placed at the end of the aisles, where the light comes from. In this space, no more than 5 people are allowed to have the best experience of the piece.

When an audience enters the dark space, they are able to see nearly nothing but their absence on the mirror in front of them. When the audience naturally walks closer to the lit space, they are able to encounter themselves emerging from the darkness on the mirror. Then, they would walk back to the darkness.

Also, as they walk, the temporal plastic walls remotely wave around the audience, responding to the movements of the air the audience makes. Also, the audience may see others as ghostly figures through the opaque wall from the benches. In this way, the audience may be able to sense presence of others who that interact with and share “my” boundary, “my” space.

Photo documentation by Ryan Hodges and Nayeon Yang
Video documentation by Chuck Fly and Nayeon Yang

In / Around

interactive installation mirror, darkness and light, plastic, a moving body
Dimensions variable

“Would you like to donate your breath?” When I meet people on the street, on a bus, at a bar, etc, I ask him or her to blow up a balloon and write his or her name on a tag to tie to the balloon. Eventually, I bring their breathes within the balloons to the gallery and freely set them on the floor.

In the space, a viewer meet those people’s residues shaped in an equivalent volume and weight without their information and physical presence. The balloons are wandering as the viewer is walking around the space. Some balloons burst and begin to sag as time passes.

Hopkins Hall Gallery

Breath Donators (Jan 2013 in Johnson, Vermont):
Christine Abbott, Nick Anger, H.B., Rachel Beach, Caitlin Berndt, Rebecca Bird, Pete Boardman, Heidi Boisvert, Shane Bouthillette, Richard Bowen, Blanche Boyd, Jackie Branson, Glynn Cartledge, Carolyn Cecil, Diane Christiansen, Erin Close, Willie Cole, Allyson Catherine Cunningham, Carole Curtis, Dara, Joshua Degeorge, Heidi Diehl, M Dolan, Frank Dracman, Angela Eastman, Shannon Edmonds, Effie Eifer, Kat Ely, Austin Furtak-Cole, Sarah Gerkensmeyer, Baris Gokturk, Jon Gregg, Hunter Nick Green, Mika Greenwood, Kate Gridley, Melissa Hall, Wendy Hall, Mark Hallett, Marie Harris, Elizabeth Hilts, Vanessa Hinton, JJ Indeliclae, Jean Sbarra Jones, A.Naomi Jackson, Liz Kauffman, Katie, Katie Kehoe, Kit Lagreze, Maribou Latour, Sebastian Lesco, Sophia Lin, Neal Macneal, Harlan Mark, Tess Martin, Leslie Maslow, Sabastian Matthews, Raymond Mayher, Alisha McCurdy, Chris Mekal, Dana Morsc, Anneke Muijlwijk, Hiroko Ohno, Chris Parker, Devon Plumley, Kelly Popoff, Howard Romero, Catherine Rondthaler, Emily Rooney, Rachel Rotenberg,Sayward Schoonmaker, Emerson Schreiner, Ward Shelley, Anna Showers-Cruser, Joe Slaiman, Niva Dorell Smith, Catherine T, Bethany Taylor, Alison Thatcher, Joel Tomfohr, Eric Troffkin, Gabrielle Vitollo, Brian Wadford, Ryan Walsh, Meng Wen Wang, Louise Von Weise, Kate Westcott, Darcie Westman, Kayla Wisell, Kelly Woodard, and Nayeon Yang

Breath Donators (May 2014 in Columbus, Ohio):
Diriye Abdi, Anonymous , Gameesa Abdalhalim, Yaadata Abdalhalim , Sarah Abdelhadi, Aimee , Jessica Ann, Mary Ann , Nihal Ardic, Ares , Marty Azevedo, Bonnie Babb-Cheshul , Melanie Bittles, Marie Blavier , Greg Bonnell, Noah Bouhadana , Brad, Aisha Bradshaw , Karen Brooks, Jonny Browm , Katie Caliva, Siyang Cao , Felipe Castelblanco, Shelly Casto , Mary Catherine, Eric Caudill , Qiuyue Chen, Bhavana Choppara , Caitlin Clary, Shanoah Coffey-Fuller , Patrick Costello, Meghan Dannemiller , Sarah Davis, Margaret Day , Maria DiFranco, Rachael Dininger , Hannah Dodd, Alex Downie , Drew, Kai Dugquem , Tati Durriyah, Ed , Amo Fan, Kam Farley , Margaret Fisher, Charles Fitch , Richard Fletcher, Lisa Florman , Sean Fronce, Keith Garubba , Tom Groseclose, Maggie Gauding , Kris Gordon, Elizabeth Hall , Sam Hambissa, Joanna Hammer , Jee-Yeon Han, Spencer Harris , Abel Hernandez, Linda Huang , Alexander Huebner, Aron J , Dona Jagger, Michelle Jensen , Dan Jian, Peiyu Jiang , Jim, James Jin , William E. Jones, Sunny Kakollu , Erin Kerr, Kim , Ahran Koo, Laura Krugh , Karen Kuhn, Jiyeun Lee , Lindsey, Chuan-Chang Liu , Qian Lu, Sarah Lubash , Daniel Mao, Ada Matusiewicz , Lauren McCabe, Brian McMichael , Mia, Haleigh Monaco , Srikar Muppirisetty, Devon Mushalko , Liz Nugent, Abby O’Neil , Clarke Ortega, Nancy Osoro , Josh Owili, Marrissa Pacheco , Weiyi Pan, Seung-Yeon Park , Vivek Patel, R. D. Phoenix , Kevin Potter, Bill Randall , Sam Randolph, Derek Ransburgh , Shannon Reilly, Jaclyn Rourke , Lindsey Rowland , Authur Rozek, Archit Saraf , Ari Scheier, Alec Sewall , Aaron Smith, Corey Snyder , Janell Strouse, Joseph Szymczak , Alana Thomas, Yeshua Tolle , Ousman Touray, Michelle Vieira , Adrian Waggoner, Josh Welty , Barbara Weaver, Joel Weaver , Margo Whitby, Nikki Whitman , Henk Wymeersch, Nayeon Yang , Janet Yi, Chuan Zhai , Chunyi Zhang, Xiang Zhang , Xinlu Zhang, Ruoyu Zhou , and Tower Zhou.


Stay with Me 2 - Membranes of a Space in Time

Your breath in a balloon, name tag on each balloon, and names on the wall
Variable Dimension

Mote078 Gallery, Oval, and Bunker Projects

Stay with Me 1

Relational Performance

Urban Arts Space and Roots and Culture

A Grapefruit

Approx. 22 in diameter
A grapefruit, plastic wrap

This video/sound installation is displayed separately from each component. A 10in monitor screen is placed in the corner of the floor. A 7’25” video plays in a loop: In the video, there is a grapefruit with a headphone jack plugged in. Through a 50ft long audio cable, a headset is connected to the monitor screen and placed on the same wall approx. 15ft away from the screen. An ambiguous sound of laughing or crying plays. But this distanced display makes an audience experience either video or audio one at a time. The 50ft long audio cable, in the meantime, writes letters: “hahaha Sweet” like a neon sign.

hahaha Sweet

7’25” Looping video of the sound of crying with laughter (Han -a concept of an emotion in Korea)
Dimensions variable