I look around my studio. Old dusted ceiling structures, walls and columns with accumulated thick layers of paints, and gaps between the walls and floor: They were the surfaces of the space that did not exist to me before, even though they worked as parts of the building I was in. Perhaps it was because how I experienced them was not direct enough to apprehend their presence and endurance. In every corner of the space, now I began to see presences that remained unnoticed.

I see the architectural structures resemble the structure of society in many ways.

Through my interdisciplinary art practice, I work with the various surfaces of a space, such as the ceiling, floor, and corners of a building to honor inconspicuous and unrecognized areas. I try to bring the skins of the architectural and social structures together to reflect and question our interrelation with the surroundings.

@ Wedge Projects
If an art gallery is a space to carry an art piece, what would be left when the given focal points (art piece) are subtracted from the space?

1448 W Howard St project starts with my obsession with removing art as focal points and letting the space itself emerge. I draw the grids on uneven textured surfaces throughout the gallery, working with some residues from a previous exhibition. Then all squared surfaces framed by those lines are photographed and printed on paper. However, it inevitably reflects what, when, and how I see, define, and recognize what is in the space. Also, it reveals limited technical capacity in the process of flattening the space. Therefore, I need to note that even with all those numbers and volumes of the photo document, they do not, or cannot represent the gallery. I merely hope the building and people meet through this project, using it as a platform.

1448 W Howard St

Site-specific installation project: black line tape, approx. 2802 date stamped digital photo prints.
Dimensions – the size of the Wedge Projects space