What Obstacles and Hardships Have You Experienced as an Artist?

  • A message will be sent anonymously. But if your story is related to your social identities, please tell me more about yourself. 
  • Since it’s an anonymous message, I won’t be able to write back to you even if you sent me a question through this platform.
  • Not to lose your precious writing accidentally, please write your story on your computer and copy & paste it here.
  • Curators and administrators are also welcomed to share your stories.

Wait, what is this?

Thank you for participating in the research!!! Your story will be used to build narratives for a board game(s) about artist survivorship in the art world today. 

This project is granted permission to use the concepts of the survival & board game “Lee Jihye Game – Surviving as a Woman in Korea.” by the creator NolRaeMi

Artists Survive (working title)



Participatory/collaborative board game project