Korean Ver.

Mythtake Museum

US Ver.

High Concept Labs

Waving to My Foreign Ceiling and Walls is a multi-channel live-feed video installation composed of one-way mirror film, six-channel live-feed video projections, and three-channel sound in separated gallery spaces – A and C, Gallery B, which is used for another piece, creates physical distance between A and C. In this work, I project the semi-fictional stories of immigrant women onto the architecture to narrate their invisible presence and labors. Gallery A represents the narrator’s interior space through a series of performative video projections. A live-feed camera there captures the view of the room, as well as the audience inside it. Meanwhile, gallery C represents the narrator’s external space. In this room, the live-feed video captured in gallery A is projected and recaptured through another live-feed video camera, which is projected again next to the other projections. All six projections are cast across the floor, ceiling, and walls of the space. This is designed to draw an audience’s attention to the various surfaces of the space itself and the architectural structure that silently surrounds the audience; the space gradually envelopes the audience as they become a part of it.

Waving to My Foreign Ceiling and Walls

Site-specific, 6-channel video/live-feed, interactive installation: Projectors, camera, one-way mirror film (on glass walls) and smell of gunpowder.
Dimensions variable

Korean ver. installation photo and video by Nayeon Yang and Mira Yang

US. ver. installation photo and video by Emily Anshen, Nayeon Yang, and Pablo Monterrubio