Korean Ver.

Suchang Youth Mansion

US. Ver.

Co-prosperity Sphere

Night Shift is composed of 60 suspended mirrors, and 4 projections of 3 live-feed videos, and a video of a text. Reflecting surrounding views of the space, the suspended mirrors slowly spin. Those reflections randomly cast back and forth among neighboring mirrors. Simultaneously the mirrors throw projections back as they spin. As a result, these fragmented views of the space, including people, building and the text, orbit through various surfaces of the space, fusing different perspectives, presence, and times together.

Using these arbitrary reflections coming from the text that describes the Korean diaspora (and a history of US immigration law for the US version), I tried to deliver a history of migration* that can be translated into a history: who has been accepted and validated to be ”Us.”

Night Shift

2019 (US. Ver.)/2020 (Korean Ver.)
Site-specific 4-Channel live-feed video installation: Projectors, cameras, mirrors, mirror stands, mirror film on windows, and 60min looping video.
Dimensions variable

The text of the video is the Major US immigration law timeline/fact sheet (1790-2013) from the Migration Policy Institute for the US version,
and histories of Korean Diaspora (1900-2000) for Korean Version.