In / Around

In / Around
interactive installation
mirror, darkness and light, plastic, a moving body(s)

In a pitch-dark space, there are 3 aisles made of plastic draperies. A life-size mirror is placed at the end of the aisles, where the light comes from. In this space, no more than 5 people are allowed to have the best experience of the piece.

When an audience enters the dark space, they are able to see nearly nothing but their absence on the mirror in front of them. When the audience naturally walks closer to the lit space, they are able to encounter themselves emerging from the darkness on the mirror. Then, they would walk back to the darkness.

Also, as they walk, the temporal plastic walls remotely wave around the audience, responding to the movements of the air the audience makes. Also, the audience may see others as ghostly figures through the opaque wall from the benches. In this way, the audience may be able to sense presence of others who that interact with and share “my” boundary, “my” space.