Practice of the absence - I.l.o.v.e.y.o.u.


Practices of the absence -i.l.o.v.e.y.o.u.
2010 -2011, 2014
Participatory 4-hour performance: Copy printed 'The Little Prince', 8 petri-dishes, scalpel, and tweezers.
Instruction: "please feel free to take the fragments with you"

I attempt to distill a language from my memories, using the text ‘The Little Prince’ by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. In the novel, the little prince begins to learn, and rewrites the meaning of his life and the meaning of the rose to him during his journey. Then, he dies, ending his journey, and going back to his flower. Even though the little prince’s experiences leaves him with sadness, loneliness, regret, and death, it is still a beautiful story. I believe, the reader collects the eternal meaning of life and love from the ephemerality the little prince finds. As I have the audience to recompose and read the fragments cut out, the meaning of the act of emptying-out is reinterpreted as a writing about love to share.

Photos by Hyeonphil Yeo and SAIC

Photos by Hyeonphil Yeo and SAIC