Standard Woman


A Standard Woman
Interactive performance and communication project: mirror, camera, backdrop stand, sheer fabric, bricks, timer, artist's body, participant’s body, photo release form.

A Standard Woman is 45-second, one-to-one performance happening in public. During the project, people are invited to perform with me; a participant and I make straight eye contact for 45 seconds, holding each other’s hands.

"Are we even now?" I keep checking at the mirror, stepping on bricks, bending my knees, or sometimes tiptoeing for forty five seconds to make our height even and straight eye contact. At the end of the performance, I take a picture of our performing bodies, and each picture is sent to the participant to provide her or him an objective memory of how a standard woman was fabricated beyond the event of encountering a stranger.

Special thanks to all the participants:

Karen A. Hannon, Michael Richison, Mario Ashkar, TaeKyung Seo, Cosima Storz, Taylor W Couch, Sara Savage,Jess Turner, Laura Stokes, Evan Carson, Patrick Miller Gamble, Cortney Tunstall, Shannon Knapp, Christiana T.M. Harkulich, Moriah Ella Mason, Connor Hestdalen, Ryan M. Mckelvey, Elizabeth A Teer, Rebecca Bryant, Valerie Sipe, Jess Horn, Kelsey Peterson, Anna Nelson, Carmel Majidi, and other willfully anonymous participants

Kelly A. McNicholas, Jack Shifman, Donald Newman, Justin Shum, Joe Jackson, Josh Ferdelman, Amanda Hall, Lisa Skeen, Katie Skeen, Tammy Chadwick, Datam. C. Sarki, Jacqueline Miller, Rena LaMarr, Alphonso Laudat, Linda Huang, Rodrigo Arruda, Shelby Aliff, Jessie Justice, Ron Posner, Hyunju Kim, Leah J. Hill, J. E. Killian, Helen Jones, Stephanie Havener, and Kate Pleuss.

Lucinda Mickley, Naami F. Haile, Ada Obinna Ijomah, Federico Cuatlacuatl, Jillian Odoguardi, Matthew Francis, Adriana Matusiewicz, James Bichl Jr., Andy Meyer, Forrest Roberts, Sarah E. Meixner, Kim Roush, Catelyn Mailloux, Stephen White, Samantha Vasquez, Brian Coffey, Stephen James, and Brian McDorkle